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Hey there, thanks so much for your interest in my music! As promised you can get my CD+ mp3's  for just the $5 cost shipping below. However if you'd like to support me in the process so that I can keep making great music for you, consider adding to  the total, it helps more than you realize!

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- Tim Wolf

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    add my brand new album CD (signed) into the mix?

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    "Castle Built of Cards Reimagined" containing 9 songs.

    Song list

    :1) Stop Start Girl (2024 Remix)
    2) Castle Built of Cards (2024 Remix)
    3) Shotdown (2024 Remix)
    4) She Likes The Rain (2024 Remix)
    5) Let Me Down Slow (2024 Remix)
    6) Desperado (2024 Remix)
    7) Get Back To One
    8) Gets Late Early
    9) Riley B Gone

    And I'll sign it for you!

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